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Instructor Site: Rita Houge


Rita Houge: DMACC Instructor website
The Bell Curve
Herrnstein and Murray
"This theory we know as IQ is important but not a synonym for human excellence."

Emotional Intelligence
Daniel Goleman
"...emotional intelligence includes self control, zeal and persistence and the ability to motivate oneself. And these skills...can be taught to children..."

In a Different Voice
Carol Gilligan
"...for men to think that if they know themselves, they will also know women and for woman to think that if only they know others, they will come to know themselves."

Aspects of the Feminine
Carl Jung
"A man counts it a virtue to repress his feminine (anima) traits as much as possible, just as a woman, at least until recently, considered it unbecoming to be mannish (animus)."

The Male Brain
Loriann Brezindine
" and pursue baby-boy brain
must-move-or-I-will-die toddler brain
sleep-deprived, deeply-bored, risk-taking teen brain
passionately-bonded mating brain
besotted daddy brain
obsessed-with-hierarchy aggressive brain
fix-it-fast emotional brain..."

Rita Houge
"Don't believe everything you think."

Picture of Rita Houge


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