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Instructor site: Matthew Abbott


Matthew Abbott: DMACC Instructor website

Office Location:  134 (Newton Campus)

Office Hours:  Monday 11-2, Tuesday 1-2, Thursday 1-2, Friday 10:45-12:45

Phone Number:  641-791-1775



Classes I Teach

BIO 104 Introductory Biology w/lab

BIO 168 Anatomy & Physiology I

BIO 173 Anatomy & Physiology II

ENV 115 Environmental Science

ENV 116 Environmental Science Lab

ENV 103 Sustainable Living

Other Interests

This summer will be my 21st bicycle ride across Iowa (RAGBRAI).  Party on wheels!!!



Doctor of Philosophy in Genetics, Iowa State University, 2004


Bachelor of Arts in Biology, Grinnell College, 1996

Publications and Presentations

Abbott, M.A., M. Joksimovic, and C.K. Tuggle. 2005. Ectopic HOXA5 expression results in abnormal differentiation, migration and p53-independent cell death of superficial dorsal horn neurons.  Developmental Brain Research 159: 87-97.


Krieger, K.E., M.A. Abbott, M. Joksimovic, P.A. Lueth, I.M. Sonea, L. Jeannotte, and C.K. Tuggle.  2004.  Transgenic mice ectopically expressing HOXA5 in the dorsal spinal cord show structural defects of the cervical spinal cord along with sensory and motor defects of the forelimb.  Developmental Brain Research 150: 125-139.


Hu, Z.L., M.A. Abbott, M. Yerle, and M.F. Rothschild. 1998.  The progesterone receptor (PGR) gene maps to porcine chromosome 9p13-p11 by a rodent-porcine somatic cell hybrid panel.  Journal of Animal Science 76: 2749-2750.


Poster Presentations

Abbott, M.A., M. Joksimovic, K. Krieger, P. Lueth, L. Jeannotte, and C.K. Tuggle. 2003.  Role of Hoxa5 in spinal cord development.  SDB Midwest Meeting, Stowers Institute, Kansas City, MO.


Abbott, M.A., K. Krieger, L. Bendickson, M. Nilsen-Hamilton, and C.K. Tuggle. 2000.  Developing inducible Hoxa5 gene expression in transgenic mice.  Mouse Molecular Genetics Meeting, Cold Spring Harbor Labs, Cold Spring Harbor, NY.

Creating transgenic mice:  microinjection